A One-On-One Intervention


For 12 years, Benjamin Segura lived a life that took him to “some very dark places.” Then a friend intervened for him and forced Benjamin to take an honest look at himself.

“I had just come out of county jail from a one-year sentence,” Benjamin says. “My life totally revolved around abusing drugs and alcohol. I was a mess.”

That’s when Benjamin encountered Georgia, who was a friend of his dad.

“Georgia was the intake counselor and office clerk at The Salvation Army in my hometown of Albert Lea, Minnesota. I know now that she was speaking to me through the Holy Spirit,” Benjamin explains.

Apparently, Georgia pulled no punches with Benjamin—she challenged him to take a step back and to take a hard look at his life.

“She forced me to look at all my sins and all the doors that were closed to me because of my disobedience to God,” he says. “And then she told me to take a look at all the people I had hurt along the way!”

That’s when Benjamin says he felt his knees start to buckle.

“It all stood before me—I couldn’t deny any of it any longer,” Benjamin admits. “I knew then that what I was hearing was God speaking to me through her.”

Georgia wasted no time to allow Benjamin make a decision.

“She said to me, ‘I’m calling the ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center) in Minneapolis to speak to Janna, the program director!’”

Georgia made the phone call that changed Benjamin’s life. Her friend’s son was in desperate need of help; and she just wasn’t going to let him go on like this.

Immediately, Janna told Georgia to “send him my way!”

“The day I arrived at the Minneapolis ARC—June 17, 2007—was a new beginning for me,” Benjamin explains. “My time there allowed me to work on my issues, and to find the Lord Jesus as my Savior!”

Benjamin graduated from the program, and went on to be an employee there, first as house steward and eventually as lead resident manager of the center.

“From there on, my life was only a ride up!”

As Benjamin’s relationship with Christ grew, so did the path of service the Lord was leading him to take. He began attending the Albert Lea Corps, became a uniformed soldier, and now works there—the very place where Georgia boldly confronted him.

“I want to help others the way Georgia helped me,” he says.

“For 12 years I was lost in the addiction and criminal way of living I fell into. Someone reached out to me and pulled me up; giving me a second chance in life. So now the fact that I am able to help people do the same means everything to me.”

Benjamin sees people mired in the same pit he was in ten years ago. His message to them is simple.

“You can’t give up. God does have a plan for you; you do have a purpose in this life! Lean on Him to help you find it!”


—Major Frank Duracher