Drawn to the Heart


A week before Kathy Reichman departed for the National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE), in Glen Eyrie, Colorado, her heart was burdened with her prayer, “Lord, keep me ‘open’ to learn what You want of me.”

“I had no expectations,” Kathy admits, “but to discover new ways of approaching people about Christ without scaring them away.”

Two thousand miles away, Rebby Lucas had a very similar concern.

“I’m a real ‘Jesus Freak’ straight out of the 1970s,” Rebby assertively says. “It’s hard for me to speak to anyone and not bring up the subject of Jesus! My problem is that I’m too confrontational.”

The day finally came for Kathy to come from Salem, Oregon (where she is a soldier of the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center)—and for Rebby to leave her corps in Waterloo, Iowa—to arrive at about the same time in Colorado Springs; iRonically about midway from their respective hometowns.

Their sister-like friendship initiated the moment they met on campus.

“It was the first dinner, and the hostess led me to a table positioning me right next to Rebby,” Kathy says. “We struck up a conversation and quickly found we have much in common.”

Indeed they do—both are left-handed, both love walking, both have husbands who’ve undergone kidney transplants, both love coffee (extra hot), both love to read aloud to people, and both ladies love large families.

Most important, they wanted the week of NSE to develop a greater skill of building relationships with people that would help lead to faith in Christ.

“I prayed that the Lord would use my life as a tool to win others for Him,” Rebby explains.

Back in Salem, Kathy and her husband have been conducting an outreach ministry in their home, called “Friday Fellowships.” But she longed to be more intentional, by walking across the room to greet visitors to the corps. She especially has a heart for men and women attending from the Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

“Sometimes I notice when people are struggling, and I want them to feel able to get to know other people in the corps family,” she says.

Rebby, who is partially blind from birth, says that she learned much from the Walk Across The Roomstudy (authored by Bill Hybels).

“I asked the Lord, ‘Help me to draw people to You and not say anything stupid that would make them instead go further away from You!’” Rebby says.

From start to finish of NSE, the two were inseparable. One might think they were long-lost twin sisters who happened to find each other despite the odds.

“After all,” Rebby points out, “we have the same Father!”

When the time came for all delegates to leave for home, Kathy and Rebby knew they would “be bawling like babies.”

“But we exchanged (email addresses) and will be sure to keep in touch,” Rebby adds.

“Rebby and I were drawn to the one another’s heart,” Kathy concludes. “If we don’t see each other again on this side of Glory, we certainly will on the Other side!

“We’ll have some catching up to do.”

Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor