Banner Image Article "Out of the Shadows"

Out of the Shadows

A moment of curiosity led Cadet Cassandra Amezquita to become acquainted with The Salvation Army. Now she and her family are dedicating their lives to God: follow her inspiring story in this month’s War Cry. [...]

Banner Image General Anna Mae Hays

Their Daughter Was A General

Anna Mae Hays, the daughter of Salvation Army officers Majors Daniel & Mattie McCabe, paved the way for equal treatment of women in the military as the U.S. military’s first female general. Read her incredible story of service as an Army nurse through three bitter wars. [...]

Image of Majors Jesse & Kelly Collins

A Modern Day Samuel

After losing much of the corps and trying to rebuild through community outreach, God interrupted Lieutenant Jesse’s sleep like Samuel and told him to pray. The next morning attendance tripled. Read his Story [...]

Image Musical Notes with Title "A Secretive Test"

A Secretive Test

“Secular music, do you say, belongs to the devil? Does it? Well, if it did I would plunder him for it, for he has no right to a single note of the whole seven!…” — William Booth Isn’t it iRonic, then, Salvationists still these songs of Zion, using tunes retrieved from the devil’s arsenal, all because of the Founder’s secret test? [...]

Banner Image Judas Kiss

Kiss of Death

It’s a bitter irony that Judas’s final contact with Jesus was a kiss–what would normally be a sign of deep love and respect turns into a death sentence for the Savior of the world. Read this month’s article “Kiss of Death” to find out more about Judas Iscariot’s last act of betrayal. [...]

Banner Image War Cry Article — Santa Wore Red Epaulets

Santa Wore Red Epaulets

Major Frank Duracher shares a tender story of Christmas cheer, reminding us that we are often the answer to someone’s prayers. [...]

Image of Jimmy White

Shocking Salvation

Jimmy White needed a wake-up call: after two decades of bad decisions and wrong choices, he got it. God’s love and mercy hit him like a bolt from the blue. Read his story of unlikely salvation. [...]

Banner Image Commissioner Andy S Miller

The Soul Winner

When Andy Miller was a captain, he chased down two thieves who had stolen his briefcase. What do you think happened when he cornered them in a dark alley that night? Read the story here. [...]

A True Knitting Yarn

There’s nothing new about knitting clubs. Groups of women and men have formed over the last century—and continue today—to enjoy fellowship, to hone their craft, and even to express their patriotism.
The Salvation Army was in the forefront of hosting such groups, a movement that peaked during World War II [...]

An NSE Love Story

The National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE) is held every year in early-August. Its venue is the breathtaking countryside of Glen Eyrie, Colorado. As the name implies, NSE is a weeklong format of instruction and practical application for Salvationists from all four USA Territories to utilize to sharpen skills in evangelism.

One would not necessarily think of NSE as a place to find love—but that is exactly what happened to Majors Mike and Cathy Himes, currently stationed as corps officers in Schenectady, New York. [...]

Drawn to the Heart

Kathy Reichman (at left) and Rebby Lucas were ‘drawn to the heart’ from the outset of the National Seminar on Evagelism (NSE), despite coming from homes a half a continent apart. Hear how their sister-like friendship began the moment they met on campus. [...]

Gypsy Boy

Rodney “Gypsy” Smith (1860-1947) was the Billy Graham of his time. Hundreds of thousands on several continents were won to Christ through his mesmerizing preaching style and his winning personality. Learn more about this world-renown evangelist. [...]

Sweet Music

Emily Debnar is an amazing young lady with a “can do” attitude. Her love for music has propelled her to try a number of instruments, and the teen is making admirable progress on each.This boundless optimism is all the more remarkable, given the iRony we are about to learn. [...]

Third Time’s The Charm

It rarely happens, but every once in a while, a Salvation Army Officer might be appointed to a post or position where they’ve served before. It’s possible, and sometimes it does happen—but by and large the majority of Officers serving in one city will probably never be reappointed there. Isn’t it iRonic, then, for Majors Juan and Lydia Mercado to have the unique distinction of being named as Corps Officers in Guayama, Puerto Rico three times! [...]

Transplant Sisters

Major Donna Leedom needed a kidney. Without a donor, her future was uncertain, to say the least. She was placed on a nationwide list, hoping and praying for a miracle. God sent a miracle, all right—just from an unexpected source. [...]