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Victoria Huntley was facing knee surgery within a few months. Following that procedure, she knew that extensive water therapy would be required. Of course she had several options, but one project still under construction at the time appealed to her—the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Quincy, Illinois.

“I became a Kroc member even before it opened,” Victoria says. “But I ended up involved in much more than just the water therapy.”

Victoria, whose hometown is Benham, Kentucky, is well-known in Quincy for most of her life, having worked for the Quincy School District; where she is affectionately known as “Miss Vickie.”

“After my surgery I started my therapy in a class called ‘Upstream.’ The exercise was great, plus I formed new friendships,” Victoria says.

She soon signed up for other classes, including “Fit For Life,” “Stretch and Strengthen,” ‘Zumba,” and “Dancin’ Through The Decades.”

To satisfy her interest in art, Victoria joined the “Watercolor And Acrylic” class.

Victoria’s involvement grew further when she joined Women’s Ministries, and formed a Cancer Support Group called “Life With Spice Cancer Survivors.”

Major Cheryl Miller (left) loves the fact that Victoria Huntley’s growing interest in the Quincy Kroc has led to membership in the Army’s Women’s Auxiliary.

Every Christmas season, Victoria volunteers at the familiar Red Kettles to ring bells, and also helps with filling and distributing Christmas food baskets. She joined the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary and particularly enjoys the “Dress An Angel” program, as well as assisting in fundraisers throughout the year for the Auxiliary.

“I have always believed in community service, and volunteered for many years,” she explains, “and after joining the Kroc center I became very interested in the Salvation Army projects.”

“Miss Vickie” adds that the center offers unlimited opportunities to improve her health issues, and it also provides for her spiritual wellbeing.

“I go to the Kroc for the fellowship, and I receive the triple-benefits of exercise, knowledge, and health at the same time!”

Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor