Bible Study — “I Am”

In, “I Am,” Commissioner William Francis explores the nature of Jesus as described by one who knew Him best—the author of the Gospel of John.

Part I: Introduction

In this introduction to the 10-part series, Commissioner Francis details Christ’s relationship to John and points out the similarities and differences between this book and the other gospels. Read more [...]

Banner Image Part II of Bible Study Series - Hand Giving Bread

Part II: The Bread of Life

What did Christ mean when he declared Himself the Bread of Life? Read this week as Colonel Francis illuminates this phrase. [...]

Banner Image Part III of Bible Study Series - Light

Part III: The Light of the World

Read this week about how Jesus is our Light in the darkness and the Light of life. [...]

Banner Image Part IV of Bible Study Series — Fence, Sheep, Field

Part IV: The Door of the Sheep

This week read how Christ is our good shepherd: He opened our access to God. [...]

Banner Image Part V of Bible Study Series — Shepherd in a Field

Part V: The Good Shepherd

This week we learn more about Christ as our Good Shepherd: He is thoroughly good, both inwardly and outwardly. [...]

Banner Image Part VI of Bible Study Series — The Son of God

Part VI: The Son of God

Jesus Christ declared Himself the Son of God. Learn this week why the Jews found that such a bold assertion. [...]

Banner Image Part VII of Bible Study Series — The Resurrection and The Life

Part VII: The Resurrection and The Life

Jesus is the resurrection and the life. In Part VII learn more about the story of Lazarus and how Christ gave life to us all. [...]

Banner Image Part VIII of Bible Study Series — The Resurrection and The Life

Part VIII: The Way and The Life

Jesus embodies truth and life. Read more about how He is the way for all of us. [...]

Banner Image Part IX of Bible Study Series — The True Vine

Part IX: The Way and The Life

Jesus referred to Himself as the true vine. This week learn more about the symbolism of the vine during Jesus’ time. [...]

Banner Image Conclusion of Bible Study Series — Alpha and Omega

Conclusion: The Alpha and Omega

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Read more about how Christ is in the beginning and will be triumphant in the end.. [...]