Bible Study – “I Am”

New Weekly Series of Bible Studies!

In, “I Am,” Commissioner William Francis explores the nature of Jesus as described by one who knew Him best—the author of the Gospel of John.

Part I: Introduction

In this introduction to the 10-part series, Commissioner Francis details Christ’s relationship to John and points out the similarities and differences between this book and the other gospels. Read more [...]

Banner Image Part II of Bible Study Series - Hand Giving Bread

Part II: The Bread of Life

What did Christ mean when he declared Himself the Bread of Life? Read this week as Colonel Francis illuminates this phrase. [...]

Banner Image Part III of Bible Study Series - Light

Part III: The Light of the World

Read this week about how Jesus is our Light in the darkness and the Light of life. [...]

Banner Image Part IV of Bible Study Series — Fence, Sheep, Field

Part IV: The Door of the Sheep

This week read how Christ is our good shepherd: He opened our access to God. [...]

Banner Image Part V of Bible Study Series — Shepherd in a Field

Part V: The Good Shepherd

This week we learn more about Christ as our Good Shepherd: He is thoroughly good, both inwardly and outwardly. [...]

Banner Image Part VI of Bible Study Series — The Son of God

Part VI: The Son of God

Jesus Christ declared Himself the Son of God. Learn this week why the Jews found that such a bold assertion. [...]

Banner Image Part VII of Bible Study Series — The Resurrection and The Life

Part VII: The Resurrection and The Life

Jesus is the resurrection and the life. In Part VII learn more about the story of Lazarus and how Christ gave life to us all. [...]

Banner Image Part VIII of Bible Study Series — The Resurrection and The Life

Part VIII: The Way and The Life

Jesus embodies truth and life. Read more about how He is the way for all of us. [...]