One Brotherhood, One Purpose

Banner Image One Brotherhood — One Purpose

* September 30, 1944

The whole Christian tradition and everything we know about God’s will for man leads us to insist that the principles underlying human brotherhood cannot be side-stepped or ignored by any honest person.

Consequently, we cannot but denounce the propaganda in this country which deliberately aims to stir up racial and religious hatred and, by this means, to render futile our efforts to forge a true brotherhood among the people of this country.

We are fighting for that brotherhood against the people who set out with the firm intention of destroying it.

And in this war, our American soldiers fight as comrades—without respect to race, or class, or religion.

Raked by withering fire, sweltering in bloody pits, hour after endless hour, without hope of relief, without thought of quitting— they fight on.

They are just ordinary American boys—Catholics, Protestants, Jews. They are drawn as close as brothers by a single will—determined to sell their lives dearly for freedom.

Who would ever speak of these lads disparagingly? Who would dare to sabotage their fight for freedom by attempting to make them hate each other because they are different in race and religion?

We, at home, must make it our business not to let anybody go unchallenged who speaks or acts to spread hatred between Americans. We must speak out—out loud—against un-Christian and un-American prejudice that would turn race against race, religion against religion, color against color.

Men who are good enough to die for us are good enough to live with us—as brothers.

We must believe this ourselves—and make others believe it. We must remember that to build a strong America—and a truly Christian America—we need to live and work together, side by side, with the same unity of purpose as our soldiers fight side by side—without religious hatred and without racial prejudice.

For God made America of many races and many religions. And it is God’s will that we do our best to mold this America of many races and many religions into one, strong, united and free people!

*As The Salvation Army has continued for 152 years to reach the goals set by William Booth, the pages of the “War Cry” have faithfully represented the Army’s mission. This special Heritage edition emulates the “War Cry” during the era of World War II. Annual “Heritage” editions encapsulate the look, feel and content of the “War Cry” by decade. This special July issue is drawn from primary source material and is made possible by the efforts of the National Archives and Research Department and its Director Mrs. Susan Mitchem and Archivist Tyler Boenecke. May you be strengthened by the reminder that we stand on the shoulders of giants, surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, in this great salvation war.