Bible Study — “The Life of Holy Wholeness”

January 2018 Banner Image Abraham and Sarah with Baby

Part I: Walk Before Me

In this new Bible study series, explore how the problems Abraham, the father of faith, faced are precisely what many Christians face today. If we want to be “wholly holy,” as God has intended for us to be, we need only look to Abraham for inspiration. Read more [...]

Holiness unto the Lord — high priest, incense, prayer

Part II: Holiness unto the Lord

For the High Priests, every article of clothing that they wore represented how we should live our lives before God. They were dressed for the Lord. Are you? Read more [...]

Cover Image Article Cleanse Me — dark heart

Part III: Cleanse Me

After living a sinful life, David pled to the Lord for mercy. We examine David’s Psalm 51—the product of his penitence and a source of inspiration for us all. Read more [...]