In His Presence Alone


In the stillness, Lord,

I need you.

No longer able to shoulder

The weight of these burdens alone,

Like the sun-scorched earth—

Barren, cracked, yearning for the evening rain,

Empty and dry,

I’ve run out of myself.


In the stillness, Lord,

I seek you.

With extended hands I reach for you

As the sunflower turns toward sun’s morning rays,

Searching, struggling, stretching, striving,

I lay my heart at your feet—

Anxious thoughts, unanswered questions, hopes and dreams,

I give you all.


In the stillness, Lord,

I find you.

In upturned leaf, in whispering wind, in melodious meadowlark,

I see your handiwork.

Heralds of your faithfulness,

Gentle keepsakes of your abiding love.


In the stillness, Lord,

I hear you.

Your presence calms the noises

Threatening me at every turn.

Speaking peaceful reassurances,

Quiet whispers of wisdom.

Silently you lead me to the secret place—

The one prepared for me.


In the stillness, Lord,

I find hope

As you lift me up,

My hand tightly clasped in your own.

How I long for the perfection

Found in your ways.

Glimpses of glory on the horizon,

As all of creation yearns for that better day.

Written by Cheryl Elton