“Praise the Lord, for the Lord God Almighty (Gr. Pantocrator) reigns.” Rev. 21:22 by M. William Ury

Protocol – “how one acts in a given situation”

(A short theology of Pandemics and the Pantocrator)

The Problem – our protocol

Virus source: Place | Source of sin: Garden

Breathing | Turning our face from His breath

Eating | Eating forbidden fruit

Infection | Transmissibility of original sin, recognizes no boundaries, indiscriminate attacks invisible enemy

Explosion of Virus | Inability to stop sin and its effects

Pandemic | Universal sin, not sure how transmitted, close proximity is foundational

The Solution – His protocol

Whistle-blower | Word of God/prophets

Fear | He understands, meets all our fears

Second Wave | Volitional sin, constant rebellion

Human response | Heart of God’s love 

Shelter-in-Place | Left His Throne

Lockdown | He runs into the chaos   

Hope in helplessness | He is our Hope

Looking for cure: scientists, leaders | His Wisdom, our Shepherd

Works  “we will prevail” “triumph” “stronger” “our resilience”
| His grace, self-emptying life

Herd Immunity | Personal engagement, no other Savior (divine and human)

Face Masks | Unmasked, He fully turns to our need, not afraid of contamination

No Touching | ‘touched with the feelings of our weaknesses’

Handwashing | He always points to the deeper need (clean hands and pure heart)

Quarantined | Incarnation, took on our virus offering His antibodies

Mitigation | Total healing – body and soul

Tested Negative | Sinlessness

Tested Positive | Love which assumes all my sin

Death possible | Death required – He volitionally enters, puts His un-gloved hands on, surrenders Himself 

Health Care | Redeemer: Headed into harm’s way  

Ventilation | Full of the life-giving Holy Spirit

Tests | Temptations

Virus and cells | His meeting evil (perversion) with the Life of God

Blood | Blood of Christ with immunities

Sanitization | Cross and making clean, holy

Self-isolation | Death Grave, and Hell

Cure | Resurrection, cure for all outward and inward sin  

Restoration | Full Recovery, Antibodies

Unfailing Vaccine | Risen Life

Release to Life | Victorious Life/Breath of the Holy Spirit

Holiness  | ‘New’ normal – Careful re-entry into “normal” life

End of Viruses | Universal Redemption, (Pantocrator) Lordship of Christ, New Heaven and New Earth


I am a master at missing You, Jesus.  Let me truly see You, Almighty Savior. Amen.

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