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Must life be a struggle?

When difficulties mount, when even getting up in the morning seems pointless, when the future looks bleak, the questions come: “Why must life be so hard?” “Why is it so unfair?” “If there is a God, why would He subject us to this?”

The latest edition of “War Cry Online” shows how people wrestle with difficulties and find reason to grow. God is a refining fire, who brings people to knowledge of Himself through adversity. Find in this issue:

  • How someone with depression learns to work through it
  • How a woman tries to overcome anger with forgiveness
  • What to do—and not do—for a sick friend
  • How a new center in Ghana helps the disabled become independent
  • What the Army is doing to fight sexual trafficking.

May you find answers in this edition that draw you closer to the love that longs to emanate through everything great and small. Subscribe free today!


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Web Exclusives

Third Time’s The Charm

It rarely happens, but every once in a while, a Salvation Army Officer might be appointed to a post or position where they’ve served before.

It’s possible, and sometimes it does happen—but by and large the majority of Officers serving in one city will probably never be reappointed there.

Isn’t it iRonic, then, for Majors Juan and Lydia Mercado to have the unique distinction of being named as Corps Officers in Guayama, Puerto Rico three times! [...]

Definitely Not A Motorcycle ‘Gang’

Normally when you hear or see a motorcycle gang, the image of fierce, mean renegade outlaws could be what you conjure up. But not the “Sons Of The Savior” Motorcycle Ministry, some of whose members are also soldiers of the Hendersonville, North Carolina Corps.

When they are not taking on a project to benefit the community or their corps, they are roaring down the open-road—and even then their witness is most evident by the Gospel-patches adorning their leather jackets. [...]

Drawn to the Heart

A week before Kathy Reichman departed for the National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE), in Glen Eyrie, Colorado, her heart was burdened with her prayer, “Lord, keep me ‘open’ to learn what You want of me.”

“I had no expectations,” Kathy admits, “but to discover new ways of approaching people about Christ without scaring them away.”

Two thousand miles away, Rebby Lucas had a very similar concern.

Hear how their sister-like friendship began the moment they met on campus. [...]

An NSE Love Story

The National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE) is held every year in early-August. Its venue is the breathtaking countryside of Glen Eyrie, Colorado. As the name implies, NSE is a weeklong format of instruction and practical application for Salvationists from all four USA Territories to utilize to sharpen skills in evangelism.

One would not necessarily think of NSE as a place to find love—but that is exactly what happened to Majors Mike and Cathy Himes, currently stationed as corps officers in Schenectady, New York. [...]

‘Mother-Figure’ To Memphis Kroc Kids

Maggie Robinson has a big family. Besides her four sons, “Miss Maggie” is the self-appointed mother-figure to literally hundreds of children and teens attracted to activities at the Memphis Kroc Corps Community Center (Tennessee).

Her introduction to the Army bagan under the ministry of Brigadier Gertrude Perdue (OF) back in the turbulent 1960s. Despite the prevalent racism she encountered, she and her four sons felt “right at home” and “welcomed” at The Salvation Army’s Southside Corps.  [...]

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