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Commissioner Jeffrey Receives Honorary Doctorate from Asbury University

Congratulations to Commissioner David Jeffrey, our USA National Commander, who received an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Ministry from Asbury University on May 6, 2017. University President Dr. Sandra Gray (left) and Larry Brown, Chairman of the Board of Trustees (right), presented it to him in recognition of his more than 45 years of dedicated ministerial service to God in The Salvation Army. We are so grateful for his Christ-like compassion, zeal, and love, and we wish him the warmest congrats for this honor.


Marriage Crisis Webinar — May 9 & 18, 2017

This free webinar sponsored by the Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP) will explore the extent of the problem of pornography within the faith community, address the addictive nature of pornography, and present practical strategies for hope and restoration. For more information [...]

SCHEDULE: May 9, Noon EDT and May 18, 8PM — The webinar will last an hour. REGISTER

The Salvation Army Joins Churches Worldwide to Pray for an End to Famine

On 21 May 2017, we are joining together across countries, languages and traditions to pray to end famine. See for resources to encourage and inspire prayer.

NEW Digital Magazine: War Cry Online

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Full Salvation

The Lord, the architect of Salvation, intends it to encompass all aspects of life, starting with the individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being and extending outward to the family, community, nation and world.

The latest issue of War Cry Online explores dimensions of full Salvation:

  • The cost of success: Remaining true to Christian ethics despite pressure to break the code
  • Love works: SeaWorld’s redemptive business model
  • Education, health, friendship, service: What Victoria found at the Quincy, IL Kroc Center
  • “In Our Hands”: A new docudrama on the Six Day War puts Middle East tensions in historical context
  • Fighting famine: Day of prayer to end a widespread humanitarian crisis

May these and other stories encourage you to pursue Salvation in all its fullness.  Subscribe free today!

Chronicles of Salvation

Quincy Kroc Center’s Charter Member

Victoria Huntley was facing knee surgery within a few months. Following that procedure, she knew that extensive water therapy would be required. Of course she had several options, but one project still under construction at the time appealed to her—the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Quincy, Illinois. In addition to the benefits to her health, Victoria discovered friendship, education, support and community service. [...]

Definitely Not A Motorcycle ‘Gang’

Normally when you hear or see a motorcycle gang, the image of fierce, mean renegade outlaws could be what you conjure up. But not the “Sons Of The Savior” Motorcycle Ministry, some of whose members are also soldiers of the Hendersonville, North Carolina Corps. When they are not taking on a project to benefit the community or their corps, they are roaring down the open-road—and even then their witness is most evident by the Gospel-patches adorning their leather jackets. [...]

More Salvation Stories [...]


A True Knitting Yarn

There’s nothing new about knitting clubs. Groups of women and men have formed over the last century—and continue today—to enjoy fellowship, to hone their craft, and even to express their patriotism.

The Salvation Army was in the forefront of hosting such groups, a movement that peaked during World War II [...]

Third Time’s The Charm

It rarely happens, but every once in a while, a Salvation Army Officer might be appointed to a post or position where they’ve served before. It’s possible, and sometimes it does happen—but by and large the majority of Officers serving in one city will probably never be reappointed there. Isn’t it iRonic, then, for Majors Juan and Lydia Mercado to have the unique distinction of being named as Corps Officers in Guayama, Puerto Rico three times! [...]

More iRony [...]

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