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The Lord’s Prayer

God’s Name Represents Authorty

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NEW — Beginning with the War Cry Easter print edition, we will make available the English translation of the Spanish feature “Padre Nuestro,” or “Our Father” (the ‘Lord’s Prayer). In this series, Major Alan Gonzalez examines the Lord’s Prayer line by line and invites us into a challenging and thought-provoking examination of God’s sovereignty, His love for us and how we need to respond to Him. [...]

Bible Study

The Life of Holy Wholeness

Cover Image Article Cleanse Me — dark heart

Part III: Cleanse Me

After living a sinful life, David pled to the Lord for mercy. We examine David’s Psalm 51—the product of his penitence and a source of inspiration for us all. Read more [...]

Bible Study Series “The Life of Holy Holiness” [...]

Bible Study Series “I Am” [...]

War Cry Online

Living for Christ

Cover Image March 2019 War Cry Online

In the March issue of War Cry Online, you’ll be introduced to people who have offered themselves as “living sacrifices.” You’ll also learn about The Salvation Army’s tireless efforts to bring hope to those of us who are struggling. Whether they are victims of the recent tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia, refugees in the Republic of Congo, or aspiring soccer stars in an underserved neighborhood in Los Angeles, The Salvation Army remains committed to ensuring the betterment of their lives.

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Cover Image March 2019 Peer Male, Young Adult, Beach

Peer Is Here—the New Magazine for 16 to 22 Year-olds! Peer highlights topics of faith, community, and culture through the lens of Christianity.

If you haven’t had the chance, head on over to Peer’s website and check out the March issue. Also feel free to subscribe to our magazine – the first year is free for US residents!

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War Cry

Each issue of the War Cry, The Salvation Army’s national magazine, contains stories about transformed lives in our communities, and articles and profiles that inspire, instruct and encourage readers to grow in mind, body and spirit. The special Christmas and Easter issues reflect the meaning and the beauty of the holidays.

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