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Introducing Our New Youth Publication Name!

Power Up

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Budgeting Just Makes Sense

Most people know they need to watch their spending. Like dieting and eating less, spending less is easier if you have a plan — a budget. Read on to get started [...]

War Cry Online

Have You Any Room For Jesus?

Cover Image October 2018 War Cry Online

As we face the challenges and difficulties of daily life, do we make a place for Jesus in our hearts and minds? Through our mortal journey we may be faced with bitterness, judgements and difficult decisions. The powers of discernment, forgiveness and acceptance can be our guides.

As you read this edition of the War Cry Online, may you be filled with the desire to let go of bitterness and practice forgiveness, to avoid the temptation of harsh judgements of others and to allow joy and happiness to be part of your daily life. May the answer to the question, “Have You Any Room for Jesus?” always be a resounding, “Yes!”   Subscribe free today!

Bible Study

The Life of Holy Wholeness

January 2018 Banner Image Abraham and Sarah with Baby

Part I: Walk Before Me

In this new Bible study series, explore how the problems Abraham, the father of faith, faced are precisely what many Christians face today. If we want to be “wholly holy,” as God has intended for us to be, we need only look to Abraham for inspiration. Read more [...]

Bible Study Series “I Am” [...]

Chronicles of Salvation

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From Voodoo to Salvation

Read how Major Vilo Exantus found his way out of a childhood immersed in voodoo worship in this month’s issue. [...]

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Salvation iRony

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Out of the Shadows

A moment of curiosity led Cadet Cassandra Amezquita to become acquainted with The Salvation Army. Now she and her family are dedicating their lives to God: follow her inspiring story in this month’s War Cry. [...]

More iRony [...]

Kroc Centers — A Look Inside

Banner Image Kroc Center San Francisco CA

The San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, rising above the mean streets of the Tenderloin District, is also home to a residential facility. Read how these to ministries are changing lives through their service to the community. [...]

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Read the War Cry

Cover Image December 2018 War CryDecember 2018

War Cry:

Each issue of the War Cry, The Salvation Army’s national magazine, contains stories about transformed lives in our communities, and articles and profiles that inspire, instruct and encourage readers to grow in mind, body and spirit. The special Christmas and Easter issues reflect the meaning and the beauty of the holidays.

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