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Who is My Neighbor?

God instructs us, in Matthew, that the two greatest commandments are alike. We must love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. In the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus points out that the Samaritan’s neighbor was he who showed mercy on him.  We were then commanded to go and do likewise.

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In this issue of War Cry Online we read about:
  • A miracle on a Brooklyn subway. We read how a commuter reached out to his neighbor, and facilitated a life-changing miracle.
  • The Salvation Army’s positional statement on the separation of families at the US border.  We are reminded that we must treat each other with love and compassion, as a neighbor. A Prayer for Love. We are moved by the love that can blossom when we partner with God in prayer and serve our neighbors as ourselves.
  • Burkina Faso becomes the 130th country served by The Salvation Army. We rejoice as we learn that The Salvation Army will now be recognized in Burkina Faso and that we may serve our neighbors there.

As you read this issue, may you have a deeper desire to love your neighbor as yourself and to reach further to serve those around you.  May you be inspired by the good Samaritan who showed mercy on a fellow human being, and go and do likewise.  Subscribe free today!

Bible Study

New Series of Bible Studies!

In, “I Am,” Commissioner William Francis explores the nature of Jesus as described by one who knew Him best—the author of the Gospel of John.

Banner Image Part IX of Bible Study Series — The True Vine

Part IX: The Way and The Life

Jesus referred to Himself as the true vine. This week learn more about the symbolism of the vine during Jesus’ time. [...]

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Chronicles of Salvation

Banner Image Article "A Most Unlikely World Record"

A Most Unlikely World Record

Working to escape a nicotine addiction, Dave Jones took off running every time he wanted to smoke a cigarette. Read how his journey to break a bad habit took an ironic twist in this month’s War Cry[...]

Banner Image Lt. Jose Valentin

Straight From A Police-Action Movie

Imagine your worst day—Jose Valentin probably has you beat. He was run over by a car! Learn how this motivated him to give his life to Jesus. [...]

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Salvation iRony

Banner Image Article "Out of the Shadows"

Out of the Shadows

A moment of curiosity led Cadet Cassandra Amezquita to become acquainted with The Salvation Army. Now she and her family are dedicating their lives to God: follow her inspiring story in this month’s War Cry. [...]

Banner Image General Anna Mae Hays

Their Daughter Was A General

Anna Mae Hays, the daughter of Salvation Army officers Majors Daniel & Mattie McCabe, paved the way for equal treatment of women in the military as the U.S. military’s first female general. Read her incredible story of service as an Army nurse through three bitter wars. [...]

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Kroc Centers — A Look Inside

Banner Image Kroc Center San Francisco CA

The San Francisco Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, rising above the mean streets of the Tenderloin District, is also home to a residential facility. Read how these to ministries are changing lives through their service to the community. [...]

Banner Image of Camden NJ Street

The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Camden, NJ is an oasis of spiritual growth and community in one of the most dangerous places in America. This is the last of the 26 Kroc Centers to be built, bringing to a close a nationwide legacy that was Joan Kroc’s dream. Read more [...]

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