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Budgeting Just Makes Sense

Most people know they need to watch their spending. Like dieting and eating less, spending less is easier if you have a plan — a budget. Read on to get started [...]

Bible Study

The Life of Holy Wholeness

Holiness unto the Lord — high priest, incense, prayer

Part II: Holiness unto the Lord

For the High Priests, every article of clothing that they wore represented how we should live our lives before God. They were dressed for the Lord. Are you? Read more [...]

Bible Study Series “The Life of Holy Holiness” [...]

Bible Study Series “I Am” [...]

War Cry Online

Permission to Rest

Cover Image January 2019 War Cry Online

Your calendar isn’t deceiving you. It’s already 2019! For many of us, time flies by, and we wonder if we have spent the time God has given us wisely. As we enter this new year, take some time to read through the January issue of War Cry Online. If you’re feeling uncertain about the rapidly changing world in which we live, find in these articles strength to meet the challenges that await you. Also learn about some exciting milestones recently attained by The Salvation Army.

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War Cry:

Each issue of the War Cry, The Salvation Army’s national magazine, contains stories about transformed lives in our communities, and articles and profiles that inspire, instruct and encourage readers to grow in mind, body and spirit. The special Christmas and Easter issues reflect the meaning and the beauty of the holidays.

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